Syremont S.p.A. was founded in 1987 by the Montedison group and in a few years it has built a leading position in the preservation and enhancement of the historical, artistic and environmental heritage, concentrating all the know-how acquired by the Group in studying and developing products for Cultural Heritage.

The company specializes in a range of services that cover all the aspects of the interventions on Cultural Heritage, ranging from the determination of the microclimate to the diagnosis on the state of preservation of materials, including the development of new methodologies for restoration and preservation treatments. In 2002, Thesauron S.p.A, a company which operated at a national level in the field of utilization and management of cultural and environmental assets, acquired the majority share of Syremont from Montecatini (now Edison Group).

The Company offers its services to public bodies in order to define the intended use of historical and artistic assets, to verify the feasibility of redevelopment projects by optimizing the operational efficiency and sources of income according to the interests of different categories of users, to design and build the most appropriate infrastructures for preservation and experience, to start up the management of the asset by attracting tourist flows and welcoming visitors.

The company, thanks to its high specialization in the field of restoration, has obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certification for the following activities:

  • scientific and technological research applied to systems and products for preservation and restoration;
  • diagnostics and environmental monitoring;
  • planning and implementation of restoration and maintenance interventions;
  • planning services relating to architecture and engineering, design and construction of museum installations and exhibitions.

In order to provide more qualified services in the various market segments of the cultural heritage industry, the company has founded a number of specialized subsidiary companies, each with a partner qualified in a specific sector: Arkematica (ICT and Multimedia) Promakos (restoration and plant engineering), Stylokros (structural works in various materials for installations).

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